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Summary of the technology

We successfully developed permanent barcode tags for LPG gas cylinders,it will work together with gas cylinder tracking software system.

Which use corrosion resistant metal as matrix and integrate barcode information with ceramic glaze.

The barcodes are corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant,which corresponds to the long life time and hostile working environment of gas cylinders.The chemical stability,corrosion-resistance,abrasion-resistance and temperature-resistance of glaze are very reliable.So when we integrate barcode information with glaze,we can protect barcode information from aging,corrosion,abrasion and high temperature while using barcodes in hostile working environment.

The special barcode labels produced by Xiangkang have competitive prices and are being used by more than 3000 gas filling stations around the country.In the recent ten years,we have sold 30 millions.There is no doubt that the quality and life time of our barcode tags can satisfy the real usage of gas cylinders.

The UID barcode; stainless metal bottom with ceramic print barcode characteristic:
1. Outstanding high temperature (800℃) resistance.
2. Excellent image resistance to damaging UV exposure
3. Protects the image from chemicals abrasion.
4. Little bit bend is available for cylinders.

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Details of the Technology Offer

The XiangKang Cylinder Tracking System is an high efficiency solution for LPG supply chain management.

It allows operators to track their cylinders throughout their useful life, recording each transaction from date of manufacture until they are scrapped,in the filling plant and throughout the supply chain.

The data collected by the system allows you to demonstrate to your customers that cylinders were properly filled and maintained,and improve decision making and increase the Company's profitability.

Asset Tracking Solution helps minimize costs, prevent unnecessary losses and slow movement. It can be done using numerous methods, but all of them consist of some way to scan each asset using auto identification. Those assets can then be checked in and out, managed, and tracked.

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About XiangKang

We provide professional pre-sale,after-sale,and implementation support.
Every year we have strong investment in R&D.
We have systematic product workshop.

XiangKang is the first leader soluiton supplier for Chinese Bureaus of Quality and Technical Supervision about LPG cylinder tracking and management,interlocking automatic filling scale and government supervision network platform.

Over 40% gas station in China use our products,and more than 70 millions gas cylinders installed with our barcode tags.

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