Metal staircases for home and industrial purposes

Summary of the technology

The product is revolutionizing the design and quality of our professional industrial staircases. They have developed a solution, which makes it accessible to anybody to be able to safely install a durable, lasting, functional metal staircase without the need of an expert.

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Details of the Technology Offer

The subject of the invention is a modular staircase unit, the configuration of which staircase unit allows the easy and quick assembling of staircase units to form flights of stairs with adjustable length and stair rise with adjustable height according to the requirements.


  • approved by the experts of University of Debrecen/Hungary,
  • the staircase can bear weights up to 600 kg,
  • step load capacity is 130kg maximum,
  • up to 5 steps,
  • for individuals, constructors,
  • worldwide patented (PCT).


Business model:

  1. Sales of patent license for manufacturers or (private-label) wholesalers /e.g. do-it-yourself stores, metal and building material trader.


  1. Sales of (customized) products direct to wholesaler or representatives.



  • The mass of the 5 degree stair structure without handrails: ~60kg
  • Stair size: 800*270 (mm)
  • Full size: 800*375*310 (mm)


Number of steps

Minimal height (mm)

Maximum height (mm)




















  • Product is well-known in Hungary for 1 year,
  • In Hungary a sales network (18 locations) orders and sells the product continuously,
  • Product is patented (PCT),
  • We manufacture the product so we are able to provide the know-how to the buyer of the license,
  • No additional accessories are necessary, we deliver the staircase complete with screws and clamps.
  • The handrails of the system are also available.
  • Very quick completing possible. No professionals (locksmith, mason) necessary.






Practical solution for residential properties. Our system is easily used in cellars, garages, gardens and storage facilities. In relation to businesses, our modular staircase system significantly reduces the need of material investment, sustainable and instant solution for businesses. The staircase can also be applied indoors, with surface modifications.





  • Much cheaper than other stair solutions.
  • Easy to assemble without any expertise.
  • Easy to transport, even with a package delivery service.
  • Diverse surface treatment options.



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