Germinator 1 – the first reliable UVC Surface Disinfection device Multifunctional mobile device designed for surface, items and room disinfection with build in UVC control and analytics system, IOT and ML capabilities

Summary of the technology

The Germinator series and the Germinator 1 device are the first surface disinfection smart devices using UVC light that has built in sensors for UVC control and analytics, that gives the clients assurance in the process.
This mobile multifunctional device has been designed on years of research about the UVC light and its characteristics and the benefits of its high disinfection effect. The difference between the Germinator 1 and the other devices is that other are using empirical references of time (of UVC dose emitted) for certain disinfection without confirmation and live measurement of all the factors that are influencing the efficiency of the process and the iteration effect on the lamps, there so its reliability as well. This is one of the reasons UVC light disinfection always is used as complementary not substitutionary procedure. The SARS COV 2 spread has reminded the world of the need of better protection for safer future. This is why the G1 with the assurance it brings and much more with it multifunctionality, is perfect weapon against disease spread in Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Kindergartens, Educational and Military Campuses, Hotels, etc.
We are seeking for Limited Partnership and are ready to offer % of the structure for an investment to speed up production and place the product on the markets in EU, Middle East and later Asia

Details of the Technology Offer

The Germinator 1 is designed with 8 x 40W UVC Mercury lamps with powerful UVC Output of 120W. This gives the G1 extensive power that can offer extra fast surface disinfection to the clients. In the surface mode (ex. mattress) it can give a LOG 5 disinfection in less than 10 seconds per position. This also allows the G1 to be super effective in the other modes as well as in less than a minute in the G1 chamber, n95 masks are disinfected for reuse by the standards of the WHO.
But what set the G1 apart from the competition is the control software that is monitoring the UVC dosage and environmental conditions and thus reset the time accordingly to give reliable and proven effect. This is made with the help of the built in custom UVC sensor, IR thermal cameras and cooling fans that regulate the perfect temperature of the UV bulbs.
This system is Patent approved and there is no other device for surface disinfection offering this feature.
This will give our customers not only the assurance every disinfection process asks for, but also the option to choose which level LOG disinfection they need and more importantly to choose which bacteria, virus or other microorganism are they after.
Another big incentive for the users is the multifunctionality the G1 accessories are enabling, and as we know this is a first multifunctional device for surface items and room disinfection on the market.
This Eco-friendly device is LVC, EMC and RoHS certifiable and soon we will also start the procedure for
the MD Class 1 certification.
Along that we have already made 3 independent testing, one for safety in operations and 2 with the Physics
University for the efficiency in use of the Device.
We hope soon the G1 in some sectors can replace the chemical disinfection altogether.


The COVID 19 Pandemic opened a wider need and usage of the UVC Surface Disinfection, and having that
in mind we have designed additional accessories to make the G1 multifunctional and with greater use.
Having G1 designed for hospital and hotels mattresses, the G1 new version now offers floor, items (masks,
mobile phones keys key cards etc..) and room disinfection as well.
This really opens a wide range of industries where can it be applied and a volume potential as well.
We see the G1 mostly used in Hospitals, Daycare Centres, Kindergartens, Campuses for multiple uses
(mattress, floor, masks and room disinfection) also additionally in Hotels, Cruises and in production for
items disinfection as well. This device is perfect for Cleaning service providers as well.


• Super-Fast Disinfection
• Process Control and Overview for Reliable results
• 100% dry and Ecofriendly disinfection
• Multifunctional Disinfection device (Surface / Items / Room)
• IOT and ML custom Software integration
• Customizable features
• Cost saving VS. traditional chemical and water disinfections
• Hygiene Marketing and self-certification enabled
• Data collecting and multidevice control

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