Granulated Or Pelleted Organic Fertiliser Production Via Controlled Composting Of Agricultural Biogas Digestates, Wastes, Food Processing Industrial By-Products

Summary of the technology

Agricultural biogas digestate is considered as a valuable nutrient source in agriculture of which bioconversion generates certificated organic fertilisers in crumbly, granulated, pelleted forms.
- basal fertilization of arable land or horticulture field,
- starter organic fertilizer at the same time of sowing,
Thanks to the controlled composting the output material with a high quality humus-like material content promotes peat free plant growing media development and production.

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Details of the Technology Offer

Pellets and granules preparing from mature compost with a high durability index and humus stability, potential utilisation in precision agriculture: for horticultural crops, in arable land management.

Controlled composting: compost end-product for basal fertilisation, added-value component to develop plant growing media, plant growth promoting microbial consortium carrier


Applicable for the following

- solid phase animal manures,

- wine industry: grape pomace

- slaughterhouse animal waste,

- municipal sewage sludge,

- agricultural biogas digestate.

The patented procedure is flexibly adaptable to small-, medium-, large sized facilities using exhaust gas as indirect energy source originating from gas engine in the biogas system:

  1. Nitrogen loss and odor emission reduction applying the bio-based compost pile cover and processed wood waste-FGD gypsum based additive.
  2. Free living nitrogen fixing and aerobic cellulose degrader bacteria number is at least 107/ in 1 gram of the composted material.
  3. The nutrient composition follows currently used starter fertilizers well.
  4. Odorless and pathogen free end-product without a scorching effect on the most delicate plant cultures as white mustard, head lettuce etc.

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