SPARK: a novel method for producing airfoils/wings

Summary of the technology

A novel method of producing airfoils / wings

University of Iceland

Sólrún Traustadóttir and Andri Orrason

Issued US Patent: P11936US00 / US 10,391,722 B1
Date of Patent: August 27th 2019

“The present invention can optimise aerodynamics while providing more sustainable production processes and more durable seamless airfoils / wings.”

Auðna - Technology Transfer Office Iceland
Auðna - Technology Transfer Office Iceland

Details of the Technology Offer

The present invention provides (1) a process of producing composite material airfoils that does not require post-production assembly of individual components forming the upper and lower surfaces of the airfoil. In other words, the aerodynamic components of the airfoil structure can be produced as a single structure, eliminating the need for post-production gluing of individual parts of the aerodynamic structure (upper an lower surfaces). The invention also provides (2) airfoil structures produced by the method. The airfoil structures are produced from composite materials which combine advantageous properties of being very strong and corrosion resistant, yet having low weight.

Airfoils are produced from material that ideally has properties of strength, elasticity, low weight and corrosion resistance. The present invention can optimise aerodynamics while providing more sustainable production processes and more durable seamless airfoils / wings.

Airfoil structures are commonly found on vehicles that are designed to move at high speed, such as airplanes, helicopters, race cars, drones and boats. The applications that the present invention can provide are:
- Method of producing airfoils / wings
- Seamless airfoils / wings

“They surprised me with the quality of, and method used to create, their wings.” - Willem Toet, Professor, Aerodynamics Specialist, Top-level motorsport + Formula 1 expert.

Airfoil, Aerofoil, Wings, production method, singular structure, seamless, Aerodynamics.

Working prototypes

TTO Iceland is looking for interested industrial partners for licensing the offered technology. We are willing to provide you with a more elaborate presentation of the technology if requested.

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Auðna - Technology Transfer Office Iceland

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