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Identification of high performance green solvents

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Summary of the technology

InKemia Green Chemicals has developed one of the world’s largest greener and safer solvent libraries containing hundreds of solvent solutions. We can work with you to address your challenges related to solvent performance by identifying an alternative green solvent that allows for enhanced performance or integrating an alternative solvent into a commercial product or process.

InKemia Green Chemicals, Inc.

Description of the technology

InKemia Green Chemicals can identify high performance solvents for your product or process in an efficient and cost-effective way. The following are examples of successful solvent projects that our organization has completed.

We have developed a renewable, safer, and environmentally friendly solvent replacement for DMF in the synthesis of an anticancer agent.

We have integrated one of our green solvents as a component of herbicide-based formulations.

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InKemia Green Chemicals, Inc.

Research & Technology Organization

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About InKemia Green Chemicals, Inc.

Research & Technology Organization from United States

We generate innovative Green Chemistry products, processes, and solutions by applying our 20 year R&D history to your challenge. The following are areas of specific expertise.

Alternative Safer Ingredients of Equivalent Performance
- Replace undesired ingredients in a formulation
- Avoid hazardous or highly regulated chemicals
- Find functionally optimal and safer ingredients

Adding New Functions to Formulations While Keeping Optimal Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Profile
- Selection of ingredients to expand the functional properties of traditional formulations
- Focus on multifunctional chemicals

Formulation Performance Enhancement
- Identify ingredients that improve the efficacy of the formulation
- Reduce application frequencies and doses

Eliminate or Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
- Development of high solid content formulations
- Development of low MIR chemicals

Eco-efficient Synthetic Routes
- Re-design of chemical synthesis
- Utilization of safer reagents
- Minimization of synthetic steps and isolations
- High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) for the development of chemical synthesis

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