Technology transfer, J-V or Franchise of design of Small city electromobile and low-CAPEX technology of production

Summary of the technology

We have developed in cooperation with the Technical University an atractive Small Electric Vehicle of category L/6/L7 for the city transportation. Vehicles are designed for manufacturing in micro-factories close to consumer markets, to optimize logistics & increase the efficiency of supply chains.

We offer a licence (Franchise) and a production line to start a perspective electromobile business. We are also open to discuss another way of cooperation, for example Joint-Venture either in your country or in the Czech republic, but franchising enables to start with a smaller investment. Last but not least option is a Technology transfer which is intended for a competent and forward-looking entity planning to develop an international business. The Technology transfer, which is prefered, seems to be the most probable in view of the circumstances.

Combatra spol.
Combatra spol.
Combatra spol.
Combatra spol.
Combatra spol.
Combatra spol.

Details of the Technology Offer

The development of the present model took about 4 years, the prototype is finished but still needs more testing (like this one:

????), improving and debugging in order to complete the homologation process. This proces, although marginal, is not calculated in the offer of Technology transfer but can be negotiated and included into respective deal as well as handover of contacts of parties interested in cooperation and distribution. We expect that the production will be possible within one year.

The big carmakers who until recently did not show interest in the small city vehicles also start to realize the business opportunity of this category, and even unite their powers (Toyota, Suzuki, Daihatsu) in order not to miss the boat. Development usually takes about 3 - 6 years but the cards are dealt now. After 5 years it might be late therefore we have prepared an extensive discout to promote a prompt deal.

The basic version of the vehicle is equipped only with the items necessary for driving and safety. For an easy and cheap production the body is made from a light, firm and cheap thermoplast, a light self-supporting chassis is made from specially designed aluminium profiles. Due to the atypical slantwise allocation of seats, the length of the vehicle is only 2 500 mm which enables the perpendicularkerbside parking which is so demanded by carriers and delivery services.

The Small Electric Vehicle (hatchback) for 2 persons features an atemporal modern body with unusually large car trunk (430 liters) for such a small vehicle. The delivery van derived from this version has a cargo compartment 900 liters (please compare with microcars Twizzy or Biro).

After dismounting the cargo compartment it is possible to connect a unique trailer which is equipped with its own batteries, 2 motors and photovoltaic panels for charging the batteries after putting the trailer out of operation and roving with the solo vehicle in the surroundings. An adjustable driving range of 80 - 160 km with 8 or 16 kWh battery is sufficient because the vehicle is destinated for using only in the cities. According to the statistics a typical city carrier drives about 70 km daily and then he leaves the car in a guarded yard. The workmen, construction companies and small farmers have a similar driving range. For example, the German Post vehicles Streetscooter have a driving range 85 km. The operating cost of the small electric vehicles is very low. Average consumption of L6 vehicle is 50Wh/km which makes at the price of electricity 0,4 EUR/kWh cost EUR 2/100km.

Because the vehicle is designed for easy production (minimum parts, vaccuum pressing , easy assembly….) it is possible to make feasible production is small production units which can be later increased. In order to be profitable in this business you do not need to sell 10 000 or 100 000 vehicles but hundreds are sufficient. Demands of the market predict a stabile growth.

We offer at a reduced price a licence/Franchise to produce our vehicles with a guaranted sales exclusivity in your area/town/country or Technology transferfor unlimited vehicle manufacture, futher development and sale.

- Why Franchise?

1) Franchisingis a very effective way to keep us as the franchisor connected with the project. Furthermore, it also enables us to remain active in the improvement and promotion of the venture.

2) Franchising requires a considerably lower investment because the cost of development is divided among more franchisees.

3) Franchising enables franchisees to start with a smaller investment by buying a smaller exclusive area and once the market position in the small area (city, country) is consolidated he can buy another exclusive area sales rights.

In order to produce our Small Electric Vehicles you would need:

1) The Franchise/Licence including design and know-how

The price of the franchise/licence depends on the population of the area of exclusive rights of sale:

Exclusive area sales rights


Franchise fee EUR

10 mil.

250 000

20 mil.

300 000

50 mil.

350 000

100 mil.

400 000

200 mil.

500 000

500 mil.

600 000

1 bil.

700 000

2 bil.

800 000

Royalty fee:


minimum EUR/year

50 000

2) The Technology – machines of production capacity (following is preliminary estimated cost, without the production hall):

Production capacity

(in 3 shifts)

Technology investment -estimated



1 500

700 000

3 000

1 200 000

9 000

3 000 000

The final price will be calculated based on the discussion and specification of the technology.

3) The Royalties - After the business is successfuly up and running, our francise requires recurring royalties to be received, amounting to 4% of gross income, minimum of € 50 000 / year.

  • Why Technology transfer?

An Assignee gets the rights to produce the vehicles according to our design and know-how, make the modifications, development and improvement and sell them all over the world (unless otherwise stipulated), an unique opportunity to control a whole process of perspective and lucrative business at much lower cost than a starting from ground zero. The extensive discoutto promote the prompt deal makes a complete know-how to be up for grabs at only EUR 1,35 milion.

The main machinery of the production line (of which capacity can be adjusted) are moulds, large dimension vaccuum presses, 5-axis CNC edge cutting machines, jigs for glueing and foaming of the parts of exterior and interior, foaming machines, automatic welding machines, assembly bench and tools. We can discuss the extend of the list of the machines (of which some technology, for example welding can be outsourced) . We can in-house produce many of machines needed and supply them, which considerably decrease the CAPEX.

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About Combatra spol.

Combatra was incorporated in 1993 in Prague, the Czech Republic, as a limited liability company. Founded by Ing. Miloslav Kolomazník, the company specialized in constructing and renting of sailing ships. From the year 2013, the company assembled a team of technicians and designers, which together with the experts from the Technical University of Liberec started developing the small city electric car ELCA. After many years of research and development, Combatra now possesses the necessary know-how and technology for the manufacturing of the small electric vehicles. Currently, it is offering Technology transfer, raising funds and selling licences for an initial small-series manufacturing, after which the sale of vehicles will start.

Combatra spol.

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