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Bioactive haemostatic agents with advanced biological properties

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Summary of the technology

The technology comprises the obtainment of physically crosslinked aerogel with a unique chemical structure, which is responsible for the exceptional sorption capacity and antioxidant properties leading to scavenging of reactive radicals, especially oxygen (ROSS). Biomaterials are obtained from resources of fungal and plant origin. The use of biocompatible substances eliminates the use of toxic reagents, so the method of preparation is in line with the limitations of Green Chemistry.

The goal of the project entitled "Bioactive hemostatic agents with advanced biological properties" is an increase in the TRL level from level IV to level VI and its commercialization by conducting extensive biological research that will show the potential of the obtained results of R&D works.

Obtained biomaterials can be used both for surface wounds (stab, lacerated, sharp) and surgical procedures. Due to the controlled biodegradability, it is possible, for example, to implant a hemostatic aerogel inside the patient's body, which after a certain time will undergo biological degradation to non-toxic substances naturally removed from the body, which will eliminate the need for re-surgical intervention.

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