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Construction adhesives for anchoring in concrete and masonry substrates

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Summary of the technology

The present invention relates to epoxy adhesives and vinyl ester adhesives for construction applications. They are characterized by high chemical resistance after solidification, very low primary and secondary shrinkage, also a short setting time at positive temperatures and a relatively short setting time at negative temperatures. The novelty in relation to commercial solutions is the composition of adhesives, which allows their application in temperatures below -10 C.

Description of the technology

Offered adhesives are not solvent adhesives, but two-component adhesives, and the binding takes place on the basis of the chemical reaction of component A with component B. These adhesives, because they are suitable for joining various surfaces with varying grammage. Thanks to the use of appropriate types of components, it becomes possible to apply them in a vertical and horizontal position to an unlimited number of substrates.

Due to their unique composition, these adhesives can be used in a less reactive and highly reactive form. This is determined by the chemical composition (mass ratio) of individual components and their chemical structure. The undoubted novelty is the use of agents that allow you to react already during mixing due to contact with oxygen and sunlight. Enriching mixtures with additional portions of activators only enriches the invention in terms of a wide range of applications. Strengthening the composition with basaltoids and their derivatives allows to achieve high weld strength comparable to chemical anchors on the market.

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PL 433064

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