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Pressure pulsation and vibration damping in reciprocating compressors manifold

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Summary of the technology

- Pressure pulsation damping in the reciprocating compressor manifolds, compressor stations and gas transmission pipelines
- Reduction of the gas transmission pipelines vibrations

Description of the technology

Pressure pulsations in volumetric compressor manifolds have a high impact on compression power requirement and the reliability of manifold operation. These pulsations induce vibrations, noise, and in some cases, mechanical failure of piping or compressor valves. For pressure pulsation attenuation, different types of mufflers are applied using a design based upon the Helmholtz resonator approach. This design is particularly effective for constant revolution speed compressors. For contemporary applications of variable revolution speed compressors, other pressure pulsation attenuation methods are needed. Our Team propose a novel, innovative methods to suppress the pressure pulsations and pipeline vibrations in the compressor manifolds.

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent application number : PL 431030

Where : Poland

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Cracow University of Technology

Technology Transfer Office

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