Evidence-based knowledge of the Aral sea for the development of socio-economic strategies based on an understanding of natural processes in the region in the past, present and future

Summary of the technology

The results obtained by the research team are exceptionally new and have no analogues in the world. They significantly clarify the fundamental knowledge about the Aral sea and provide scientific grounds for a new vision of social, economic and political prospects for the development of the Aral region. The researchers have a vision of the directions of further research to clarify the identified aspects of the evolution of the Aral region.

The advantages of the offer are as follows:
- These studies are connected and can be used in various scientific and applied disciplines, including economically and socially significant.
- Deep knowledge of the evolution of water resources in Central Asia can be a political and economic tool, as well as knowledge about the development of civilizations in the region, supplied by archaeology.

Details of the Technology Offer

The Aral region is experiencing the largest man-made environmental disaster in the history of mankind. Its political, social and economic problems are of global importance and involve governments, banks and scientists. Researchers of the Institute and the University established the age and obtained reliable data on the fluctuations of the Aral sea level. These data provide the basis for a new vision of ways out of the crisis.

The latest data on the history of the Aral sea were obtained by researchers in the course of two international projects. The information is based on drilling, radiocarbon dating and sediment structure analysis. Also used data on archaeology, historiography and hydrology of the region. The results are partially published (2014, 2019) and include the determination of the age of the Aral sea, the main stages of its development associated with the change of climatic epochs, and its transgressive and regressive phases. The results allow us to estimate the frequency and duration of high and low levels of the Aral sea, and thus determine its most typical states in the prehistoric and historical past.

The scientific problem that requires further research is the explanation of the causes of significant fluctuations in the level of the Aral sea: 1) climate change and 2) changes in the flow directions of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers. This will allow a deeper study of the relationship of changes in the water content of the Aral sea and its catchment area with the development of civilization in Central Asia. Major international scientific projects are needed to solve these problems.

Researchers are looking for partners in the face of organizations interested in the development of the region, to prepare joint applications for competitions of scientific and technical programs, to conclude medium-or long - term agreements on the provision of services and/or know-how in the field of geological data on the Aral sea

Further research required

Funding is needed to continue research

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