Innovative Technology to Utilize and Recycle Sewage Sludge

Summary of the technology

Our partner, a Hungarian company, developed a patented technology that provides a solution for transforming municipal sewage sludge into solid fuel (Solid Recovered Fuel -SRF), which also enables sewage plants to achieve significant cost savings.

The company is looking for potential licensing partners in the field of sewage plant construction and operation.

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Details of the Technology Offer

Our partner, a Hungarian company, developed and launched a technology for treating communal sewage sludge that is economical in case of small scale production too. This technology is a self-supporting technology for drying and pelleting sewage sludge without external need of fossil fuel or any other additional material. Consequently, the most reasonable utilization of pellets is not retail utilization, but meeting the heating and hot water needs of properties owned or operated by municipalities that operate waste water treatment plants. The pellets generated have a heating value equivalent of the brown coal heating value. It uses a negligible external energy input by reusing 30-50% of the generated pellets in the process to run the drying unit. The technology fits into the energy from waste policy of the European Union. It enables wastewater plants to meet the strict EU environmental regulations and at the same time, reduce their sewage sludge treatment costs with 50-75. The company is looking for potential licensing partners in the field of sewage plant construction and operation.


  • Four-five year payback period which is quite impressive in the energy sector.
  • TÜV certified burning material pellet.
  • The technology is also generating 3-4 workplaces per units.
  • The finalised system offers an economical solution of sewage sludge treatment for wastewater companies.
  • Unique Dewatering: Using the end product to run the drying unit / Quick dewatering as compared to the others / Processing sewage sludge locally
  • Small size of units: 2t/day unit fits to 2pcs. 20 feet containers / less land demand (comparing with solar systems) / less costs of investment per unit / less transport costs

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