Chemical Free Regenerable Water Filtering System for Small Communities with Contaminated Water

Summary of the technology

A Hungarian R&D company developed a simple and flexible system for supply safe drinking water by treating contaminated waters. The company is manufacturing a chemical-free regenerable water filtering material that is able to remove As (arsenic), B (Boron), I (Iodine) and F (Fluorine). The company is seeking to find partners interested in selling the system and finding distribution partners.

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Details of the Technology Offer

Worldwide more and more groundwater coming from wells is overly polluted. The studies have shown that in the case of groundwater there is a risk of dangerous levels of contaminants in some parts of the world (e.g. Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Ghana…). The presented technology is a simple and cheap solution for this problem.

The company presents a system with a special regenerable adsorbent material manufactured by the company. The regenerable adsorbent material for simple flow through water filters. The material is a rare earth-based polymer bonded resin that can be altered to adsorb As (arsenic), B (boron) I (iodine) and F (fluorine) with no effect on other quality parameters of water.

The core of the system is the special regenerable adsorbent material manufactured by the company. It also implements other commercially available water filtering modules and a data processing and information module.

There is two main elements of the water treating system:
I. Water Units
The modular design makes possible to match the technology effectively and simply to local water source with different water quality from household level to community level. These Units provide contaminant free drinking water combining 5 modules:

  1. Module: Mechanical filtering (coarse sand filter)
  2. Module: Fe (iron), Mn (manganese) mitigation unit
  3. Module: NH4 (ammonia) mitigation unit
  4. Module: Innovative, regenerable As (arsenic), B (boron) I (iodine) and F (fluorine) adsorbent unit
  5. Module: UV-light disinfection

These adsorbent materials are installed into easy-to-treat equipment which can be fitted either to existing water supply networks or tube wells. The system is ideal for “on-site” application and easy to operate. The water treating modules are installed into a uniform metal box which meets the Euro-Pallet standard. The box is equipped with a communication device which can transmit the measurement data paired with its GPS coordinates to the local Service Center to follow the state of the water treatment system. In underdeveloped regions the users have no information about the exhaustion of the installed water treatment technology. The pollution and infection caused by the depleted technologies are more dangerous than the polluted water. The communication device helps to avoid this risk.

II. Service and Monitoring Center
The individual units installed in homes, institutions (schools, hospitals etc.) or villages would be controlled by Service Centres located in proper distance to supply the service of the units. Regeneration and change of the filter media and absorbent materials will be performed by these centers. The data collected by the communication devices is stored in a server which can be installed in the Service and Monitoring Center on a standalone server or on cloud service. Centers control the state of the water units located in the villages and institutions in the given geographical area.


  • Sustainable
  • Simple maintenance, easy to operate
  • Low operation cost
  • Long life expectancy (7 years)
  • Environmentally friendly, Energy efficienct
  • Thanks to the simple flow through design there is no water storage is needed
  • Variable in capacity (from household waterworks to small waterworks) and in the types of contaminants that can be eliminated

The company is seeking companies interested in purchasing or distributing the mentioned water filtering system or companies interested in buying the know-how.

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