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Method for the combined foaming/modification of bitumens for use in paving

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Summary of the technology

This patent describes a cost-effective foamed bitumen process to be applied for cold recycling of aged flexible road pavements. Additionally, the base bitumen used is in-situ modified during the process and, consequently, both low and high temperature properties result remarkably improved. Finally, waste gypsum and phosphogypsum are preferably used to form the foam

University of Huelva

New and innovative aspects

This is the only patented technology that, at the same time, produces a foamed bitumen and is able to modify the binder. The obtained foam presents a much better stability than other foamed bitumens technologies and the mineral aggregates coating is also imporved. In addition, this procedure uses waste gypsum and phosphogypsum contributing to solve an important environmental problem

Main advantages of its use

Economic advantages: this technology uses only low cost material. Cold recycling implies less fuel consumption Technological advantages: the technology can be applied in-situ. There is no need of water injection and consequently is more simple and safer. Environmental advantages: contributes to reuse waste materials (phosphogypsum)


Compared to traditional processes, the Half-life time (τ½) is improved in a factor of ten (e.g 9s for a traditions and 130 s for this technology. Technological characteristics of the base bitumen as ring and ball softening point and penetration (40 dmm and 52ºC) are also improved (21 dmm and 69ºC respectively). Characteristic glass transition temperatures of bitumen (-30 and 3.5ºC) are shift to lower values (-32 and -5ºC)


  • This technology is mainly aimed at asphalt paving and construction companies, public administrations, civil engineering designers, environmental managers, etc. The potential application is in the field of road constructions and more specifically in pavement recycling and low energy pavement construction. It can be effectively used in cold recycling and low temperature asphalts

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  • Construction Technology
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