Power supply system controlled from internet for devices connected to a lan

Summary of the technology

Nowadays there are devices that allow the control of devices connected to a network from the own network. The classical method to access them from a different network is the redirection of the corresponding TCP or UDP connections to local networks from the border router. The redirection requires a high level of expertise in communications to be performed. Another strategy that is often used is the creation of VPN (virtual private network). This technique allows the control of access but does not allow connections to be discriminated or the management of power supply.

The proposed system allows you to control the person and the moment to access as well as the free access. The modification of these constrains can be performed in the course of an access session. In addition, the system allows the control of power supply of the device you want access to. The interface is very friendly and does not require continuous changes in the configuration of the router. The system has a local database access control and validation can be delegated to other servers using protocol validation like LDAP, IMAP, POP3, etc.

Description of the technology

The proposed equipment consists of a device type PDU (Power Distribution Unit) which can be accessed remotely. It also allows the power supply to the device and/or address that is connected to an intranet to be controlled from outside. The proposed equipment allows the full control of access to resources located on a local network with private addresses from a public network with TCP/IP technology. It also allows those resources supply to be controlled from Internet. The router which separates both networks does not have to incorporate this functionality.


The proposed system is constituted by: - A communication server connected to a private network and to a public network (for example, internet). - A power supply distribution device connected to the greed, to the server and to the private network. - Communication tunnels between public network, private network and communication server. - Control techniques of power supply of the private network. The server has two net interfaces: one to the public network (ADSL, GPRS o Ethernet) and another one to the private network (Ethernet).

Main advantages of its use

  • The proposed system allows the control of access to an intranet from internet. The person and the moment to access to the intranet as well as the specific connection to access, can be controlled. Those constrains can be modified in the course of an access session. The supply of the devices connected to the intranet can also be controlled.
  • The software of the system is very friendly and it does not require continuous changes in the router configuration.
  • The system has a local database of control of access. Validation can be delegated to other severs using a validation protocol like LDAP, IMAP, POP3, etc.
  • The use of this system to control the access to laboratory experiments presents the additional advantage of being able to integrate itself into a learning management system or into a mathematical simulation engine


  • Industrial application in home automation to control the supply to several buildings devices (lights, blinds, security systems, irrigation systems, appliances, air conditioning, etc.) for, among other things, improving their energy efficiency.
  • Teaching Application in power management systems for remote experimentation

Related Keywords

  • Electronics, Microelectronics
  • IT and Telematics Applications
  • Electronic circuits, components and equipment
  • Energy Storage and Transport
  • Energy production, transmission and conversion
  • Data Communications
  • Power Supplies
  • Electronics Related Equipment
  • Power generation
  • Domotic system
  • controlled supply system
  • remote lab supply
  • LAN-Internet interaction
  • secure control of devices
  • power distribution unit

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