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Summary of the technology

This is the first platform available that permits safe and qualified communication between smartphone users a healthcare professionals. It can be easily customized and adapted the any company's needs, so they can have their own communication platform with a low investment. This can be offered as an extra service to their clients, either for free or with a pay-per-query system. Companies and users can reduce their costs and gain time as in many cases the use of this technology will make visit in person unnecessary. It will optimize resources, and also can be an alternative source of income.

Description of the tech for sale

We have developed a platform called Clinictalk, which allows communication betweeen mobile devices users and professionals. People can instal the application in their smartphone, or acces through the website, create one or more profiles, and use it to find and contact the professional they need. Each professional has a profile that can be seen by the users, and they can be "online" or "quickanswer", depending on their availability. The platform allows instant and multimedia communication, in form of written queries that are sent from the user to the professional. As the user is writing the query, it is posible to take a picture, a video or a sound record and send with the query. Also, the data of his profile is sent with the query, so the professional receives it even if it is the first time they contact. The professional has a consultant panel on his computer were he can control and answer all the queries he gets. All data is encryted and the platform includes a payment system with credits that can be purchased throgh the platform. This platform can be fully customized and adapted to the client's needs, so they can have their own platform and application with their corporate image, their own features, etc.


This platform has been completely designed and developed by Mobiletalk S.L, which is a start-up company from Barcelona. It is offered as Software as a Service (Saas). The application is available for iphone and for Android. The website of the platform is, and the website of the company is

Main advantages of its use

  • optimizes resources as allows telematic assistance, increases customer loyalty, gives a modern image of the company or the professional, offers a customizable, ready-to-use platform for a reduced price, increases security on communicactions, can be offered as a free service or on a pay-per-query model, can be a new source of income.


  • The platform is highly interesting for any company or professional that needs to deal with public. Public or private hospitals, clinics, health insurances; even a private doctor can have their own application that can be issued to their clients.

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About Me

A small start-up from Barcelona, by a group of local entrepreneurs. Created last year, we have been developing our first product, called Clinictalk, that has been launched recently. The idea and the implementation is 100% from Barcelona, but with a global vision.


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