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Embedded electronic system for the supervision of vehicles

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Summary of the technology

A similar opened electronic system allows to implement different intelligent services for transport. It is a positioning system of high precision, possibilities of communication for long distance(movable telephony) and short distance (radio frequency). The detection of vehicles speeding depending on maximum authorized speed and the implementation of the idea of " pay as you drive " in order to invoice the vehicle assurance.

Description of the technology

A Spanish research group of Electronics Department of the Alcala University has developed an open electronic system that allows to establish services of intelligent vehicle for transport using EGNOS tools (geographical positioning system). This model has the capacity of data transmission to long distance (movable telephony) and to short distance (radio frequency). Technical cooperation is required.


This open operative system contribute to some services of intelligent vehicles inside transport world. The embedded electronic system is implanted in a vehicle with high computational capability (operative system eCos) and with communications for mobile telephony, communications for short distance and with a system of geographical positioning EGNOS. This platform presents two services as demostration: - Detection of speeding vehicles depending on the maximum authorized speed - Implementation of the idea of " pay as you drive " in order to invoice the vehicle assurance. About the actual GPS, it has as advantages a greater precision, availability and uniformity. Their possible fields of application are aviation, railroad, highway (pay as you drive), etc. The future will pass through the GALILEO system that will have a greater precision (lower to a metre) and availability (95 % in urban areas) among other advantages, and it hopes that generates around 100.000 uses.

Main advantages of its use

  • As an open system totally programmable, it has several possibilities of transport application.
  • It is a system of low reconfigurable cost based on the application necessities.
  • It is possible to be applied for the detection of robbed vehicles, control of fleets of vehicles, automatic detection of traffic infractions, payment of automobile insurance, automatic payment in tolls and parkings, also with the possibility of use it in the railroad and marine transport.


  • Companies from the transport sector, developers of applications within the transport sector, automobile insurances companies, General Directorate of Traffic, etc.

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