Analysis and heuristic optimization software system for wind farm design.

Summary of the technology

The utilization of technologies of soft computing has been vaguely applied to the optimization of the design of wind farms, and only with a limited set of parameters.

Gheode group has developed a series of algorithms that consider in a much more realistic way the designing of parks, having in addition a great versatility to incorporate improvements or made-to-measure expansions for every client in particular.

Description of the technology

Gheode research group, from the Signal Theory and Communications department of Alcalá University, presents a software environment for the design of wind farms. It is focused particularly on the use of heuristic optimization algorithms to design the location of wind turbines. The group is looking for companies form de wind sector to reach collaboration or commercial agreements.


The heuristics algorithms of optimization are a powerful tool for searching solutions in engineering. Nowadays algorithms focused on the designing of the ideal emplacement of wind generators in marine (offshore) and terrestrial wind farms, are being implemented. In order to solve this problem is necessary to do a multitarget optimization where besides the maximum clear power obtained in the park, the cost of infrastructure should be considered. The necessary software to allow that the algorithms take into account a great number of restrictions and parameters of the park is being developed jointly. Both in a real design and in the first approximation, it is necessary to know the ideal emplacement of the wind generators, so that the obtained results are coherent with the conditions of the area. It is necessary to consider different factors as the variation of the speed of the wind inside the park, the kind of wind generators to be installed, as well as what kind of zones could be used for the emplacement of the wind generators, so that the obtained results by the algorithms a more efficient solution.

Main advantages of its use

  • The companies of consultancy and operators of energy develop the planning of the wind farms from the experience of their personnel. Nevertheless, every day there is the conviction that the initial utilization of intelligent technologies can provide an efficient base to be used by the planners in order to increase the efficiency of the park, minimizing the costs of investments.


  • Wind farms
  • Wind industry

Related Keywords

  • Wind Technology
  • Computer Software Technology
  • Wind Market
  • Wind energy
  • wind farms

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