Method for the diagnosis of arthrosis

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Arthrosis is a rheumatic pathology that damages articular cartilage. Is not hereditary, as there is no fixed hereditary pattern. Currently, the diagnosis is based on the evaluation of the symptoms and the physical examination of the patients by the physicians. Significant progress is being made in the study of the so-called biological markers of arthrosis. These are products released from the articular cartilage into the synovial fluid, the urine or the blood during the synthesis and destruction of the cartilage, which would allow for a better diagnosis and earlier intervention in the treatment of the disease.

The present invention relates to a peptide pattern characteristic of subjects who suffer from arthrosis and it also relates to an in vitro diagnostic method and the use of a kit.


Details of the Technology Offer

The authors started with serum samples from patients diagnosed with arthrosis and performed a chemical depletion in order to subsequently perform a tryptic digestion. Thereafter, the resulting peptides were retained. Finally, each eluted fraction was analysed in quintuplicate to obtain the masses of the peptides characteristic of the peptide pattern present in subjects who suffer from arthrosis. The subsequent validation of the peptide pattern obtained confirmed the utility of this pattern for the diagnosis of arthrosis.


Description of a peptide pattern present in subject who suffer from arthrosis, not present in healthy subjects or in subjects who suffer another type of rheumatic disease.

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  • arthrosis
  • peptide pattern
  • rheumatic pathology


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