New Octahedral Molybdenum Iodide Clusters Supported on Graphene for Resistive and Optical Gas Sensing

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Summary of the technology

A research group has developed for the first time a gas-sensitive nanohybrid based on octahedral molybdenum iodide clusters supported on graphene flakes. It is possible to integrate this material into two different transducing schemes for gas sensing since the nanomaterial changes both its electrical resistivity and optical properties when exposed to gases.

This allows to build a low-cost device that can combine electrical (resistive) and optical (photoluminescence) measurements to detect and quantify gas compounds. These devices operate at room temperature and offer ultra-low power operation, which makes them suitable for being integrated in mobile and wearable gas sensing devices.

Fundació URV

Description of the technology

When the technology is implemented in a chemoresistive device, the molybdenum cluster/graphene hybrid shows an outstanding sensing performance toward NO2, revealing a limit of quantification of about 10 ppb and excellent response repeatability (0.9% of relative error). Whereas Mo6@Graphene is almost insensitive to NH3, the use of an optical transduction scheme (changes in photoluminescence) provides excellent detection of NH3, while NO2 barely changes its optical properties.

In addition, the hybrid material revealed high stability of its gas sensing properties over time and under ambient moisture. Therefore the technology combine electrical and optical measurements and allows the detection of NO2 (electrical) and NH3 (photoluminescence).


Current development status

Experimental technologies


Detection of NO2 and NH3

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