Electric motor with electromagnetic piston

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Summary of the technology

A powerful electric motor whose piston surrounds a coil. The motor has a mobile and fixed piston, connected to a power source, which induces a magnetic field generating attractive and repulsive movements, pushing the piston along a longitudinal axis with sufficient force for applications in industrial machinery as loading and unloading, large boats or heavy vehicles.

Universidad de Granada

Details of the Technology Offer

Electric motors have been widely studied over the years, however, researchers from the University of Granada have managed to develop an innovative system to achieve an electric motor with a high torque for power applications.

The piston is composed of a partially hollow cylinder of ferromagnetic material that encapsulates a coil inside which, at the same time, contains a solid cylinder of the same material at its center. The motor contains two pistons, at least one mobile and / or one fixed, each one with means to receive and send control signals, which by inducing a magnetic field in each piston, generates attractive and repulsive movements.

Movement control is carried out by connecting and disconnecting the current supplied to each piston to produce a change in polarity depending on the separation between the pistons and their state of movement. To know this, the system uses a series of sensors that indicate the position in order, through a control system, to be able to modify the polarity and achieve the linear movement of attraction and repulsion.


  • Powerful motor.The motor is capable of providing greater torque in rotary movements than current electric motors.
  • Clean energy. It allows the replacement of combustion engines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Eliminates the need for many typical elements of internal combustion engines:such as gearbox, valves, sealed piston-cylinder system, fuel tank or exhaust pipe.
  • It preserves the connecting rod-crankshaft mechanism of internal combustion engines.
    • Simple replacement of elements.
    • Cost savings in the manufacturing process.
  • Applications:
    • Industrial machinery for cargo movement.
    • Cost savings through the electrification of internal combustion vehicles that take advantage of the current design.
    • Large vehicles such as tractors, military vehicles and large boats.
    • Aircraft or helicopters.

Current development status

Experimental technologies


Electric motor

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Patent licensing

Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :P202130790

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