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Blind spot assitance device to exit maneuver in perpendicular and angled parking.

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Summary of the technology

Innovative Sensing and Intelligent System is a Spanish research group from the Department of Automatic of the University of Alcala has developed a technology which describes an assistance device for exit maneuvers when the car is parked in perpendicular or angled parking. The invention consists of one or two cameras one settled up on the right lateral back and/or another one on the previous part. The system provides automatically an audible or visual alarm to inform the driver that some vehicles are approaching the exit lane. The group seeks automotive companies to achieve license, commercial or collaborative agreements with technical assistance.

Universidad de Alcalá-OTRI

New and innovative aspects

The main innovative aspect is the incorporation of an assistance system with functionality of auto attendant in output angle or perpendicular parking, through an automatic warning to the driver

Main advantages of its use

The competitive advantages of this invention are as follows:

- Best range of visibility due to the use of specific camera location.

- Larger practicality. The device is valid both in day and night light conditions

- Versatile, as it serves to exit maneuvers in perpendicular or angle parking by going out reverse or forward. Allows better understanding of the vehicle condition. Thanks to the communication with the electrical system, the vehicle state variables can be obtain such as the gear engaged, the accelerator pedal condition, state of the brake pedal, the vehicle linear velocity, steering angle and angular speed.

- The vehicle security is improved because the communications system lets you take control of the braking system perform to avoid collisions.


There are many Advanced Driving Assistance Systems such as involuntary lane departure warning systems, pedestrian detection, speed limits assistant, adaptive headlights, blind spot system on side mirrors, etc. Furthermore there are numerous systems based on fixed or movable mirrors. These systems do not provide any automatic warning but its use is based on the indirect vision obtained by the driver who is the one who has to notice the danger.

Until now, it is not known the existence of any patent or scientific publication which characteristics have the same objective of this invention.

The invention  is related to an assistance device for the blind angle in exit maneuver for perpendicular or angle parking, which comprises one or more cameras at the rear right side zones and / or left anterior lateral vehicle (for countries with sense of driving on the right). Or installed in the left posterior lateral area and / or right front side of the vehicle (for countries with flow direction from left) and an image processing system alarm for the driver. The cameras can be integrated both in the body of the vehicle itself or in the front or rear bumper, or even inside of the headlights. Its location is having a lateral field of view adjacent to the exit lane. The images provided by the camera are analyzed by an image processor which is further connected to the vehicle electrical system through communication with the vehicle bus. The image processor is also connected to an alarm system that can be both visual and audible. Thanks to the communication between the image processor and the vehicle electrical system the device can take control of the actuator brake system to avoid collisions.

The device is activated and deactivated by a button or switch that the driver will trigger when he wants to make use of the welfare system or when the driver considers that the system should not be operated.

The automatic method for detecting vehicles is based on motion analysis between two consecutive images (optical flow). Optical flow vectors are obtained from an image in instant t to another image in time t + 1 The movement pattern of the vehicles parked maintains a direction of about 180º. However, the movement or flow vectors pattern generated by a vehicle approaching the exit lane of the vehicle perpendicular or angle parked keeps a direction between around 0 ° and 270 °. Considering their spatial distribution module an alarm signal is generated which may be both visual and audible. Note that the module flow vectors are directly related to the speed at which the vehicle approaches and with the distance at which it is located. If these vectors do not appear the device will not generate the alarm signal.


  • Automotive industry
  •  Assistance device for exit maneuvers when the car is parked in perpendicular or angled parking. 

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