Smart Traffic Safety Systems - Intelligent Speed Bumps - Saving Lives while Saving the Environment

Summary of the technology

Every town and city in the world will become safer, cleaner and smarter with our SmartBumps.

The principle of this technology is very simple: slow cars drive over a flat road, fast cars drive over a speed bump.

We can put SmartBumps:

On your residential streets
On higher frequency and higher speed streets and boulevard
On bus routes and emergency routes
On shopping malls’ and other big parkings
Every town and city in the world will become safer, cleaner and smarter with our SmartBumps

Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd.

Details of the Technology Offer

The traditional speed bumps come at a high cost, are inconvenient for EVERYBODY, not only for fast

drivers, increase fuel consumption by at least 50%, increase pollution in their neighborhood,

slow emergency vehicles risking lives of ones in need of help.

So, to solve this problem they  measure the speed, and if the driver is within the limit, he has a flat


However, if, and only if, the driver is speeding, he will experience the same effect as going over a speed

bump. They' warn' only the fast drivers.


 Competitive Advantages

  • SmartBumps have all the advantages of old speed bumps, but without the detrimental side-effects.

    Smart Bumps save more lives than regular speed bumps do, are good for the environment and save money.

    Some advantages of theSmartBumps:

    They punish only the speeders, not the disciplined drivers;

    They decrease the pollution in their surroundings, fuel consumption and reduce the CO2 footprint;

    They are more effective than the old speed bumps;

    They can be used in places where old speed bumps are not practical or allowed;

    They can let emergency vehicles pass with higher speed;

    They can change their speed limit dynamically;

    They can be used for higher speeds, like 60 km/h;

    …and many more advantages

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