Equipment for planting woody-seedlings in areas of precipitation deficiency

Summary of the technology

• The device applies a mixture of a hydrophilic polymer (hydrogel), water and optionally fertilizers and other substances at a specified dose to each seedling.
• Hydrogels are strongly water-binding substances (up to 300 times their own weight), which can subsequently be used for growth and development. The water consumption of irrigated seedlings is reduced by half using hydrogel. Hydrogel also allows the growth of seedlings where it is due to lack of precipitation impossible (semi-desert, desert). Hydrogel is harmless, completely disintegrates after about five years (the time required for establishment of seedlings).
• The device enables fast and efficient planting of eight thousand seedlings of forest trees, as well as agricultural crops such as coffee, banana and many others.
• The device is ideal for use on large areas with low slope and well-paced terrain, such as plantations.

Czech University of Life Sciences

Details of the Technology Offer

• Reduced water consumption by planting up to 50%.
• The possibility of planting where it has been impossible so far due to insufficient precipitation.
• High planting efficiency - about 8000 seedlings per shift.
• Simplicity, easy handling and very low failure rate.
• The device is suitable for virtually all types of agricultural machinery carriers.

• Restoration of drought-affected forest stands.
• Afforestation of deserts and semi-deserts.
• Planting of agricultural crops in areas with low precipitation - coffee, banana, etc.
• Line planting along highways.

• We are seeking in particular partners from the field of agricultural and forestry machinery production with global operation and interest in areas with low precipitation.

Intellectual property status

  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :tba

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