Food Processor employing Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Technology

Summary of the technology

• Our device uses pulsed electric heating technology to process food at low temperatures (approx. 42⁰C).
• High-voltage pulsation is a gentle way of preparing food, in which all healthy substances, especially vitamins, are preserved.
• During processing, cell membranes in food cells are opened, which allows better absorption of vitamins and enzymes in the human body.
• Food is sterilized by a pulsed electric field and is therefore suitable for direct consumption.

Details of the Technology Offer


  • The food processing method is highly energy efficient (the device is powered by 220 volts).
  • Processing is very fast (pulsation process takes only a few seconds).
  • The opening of the cell membrane that occurs during the processing allows the human body to absorb nutrients and vitamins more easily (for example, after processing carrots with a pulse heater, the human body receives almost 95% of beta-carotene, while consumed in its raw state only 20% would be absorbed).
  • The maintenance of low temperature during processing means that processed food can be consumed as part of a raw diet.


  • Our technology is ideal for use in industrial food processing, but also as a home food processing appliance.
  • It is a technology with a wide market potential, applicable to numerous groups of end-customers (baby food, nutrition in medicine, raw food, healthy lifestyle).
  • During pulsation process it would be possible to achieve a temporary opening of cells’ membranes, when another substance can be introduced inside them (for example supplements such as food dye, essential oils or enzymes).


  • We are looking for partners manufacturing food processing equipment, who are interested in application of innovative new technologies.

Intellectual property status

  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :tba
  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :International patent application

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