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Vertical centrifugal honey dehydrator (VCHD)/honey dryer

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Summary of the technology

Proposed VCHD allows the beekeepers (owners of small and medium apiaries) to dehydrate honey faster and cheaper than with the use of products available on the market nowadays. The cost of the VCHD is also lower than the cost of typical commercial honey dehydrators. What’s more. The VCHD is also multifunctional. It allows for: creaming honey, drying pollen and, after minor reconfiguration, it can act as a honey centrifuge.

Cracow University of Technology

Description of the technology

The developed vertical centrifugal honey dehydrator (VCHD) is currently at the stage of prototype on TRL 7. Some research on honey dehydration efficiency, energy consumption and dehydration time using VCHD has already been done. Based on the research results the VCHD is capable of dehydrate 50 kg of honey with initial humidity of 24% to final humidity of 18% in around 11 hours using around 8 kWh of electrical energy. New research aiming for optimisation of the device parameters is currently in progress.

The device is compact and fairly lightweight. Dimensions of the device are: 1.5m x 0.8m x 1.3m (height x width x depth). Mass of the device is around 65kg. The VCHD may work in three other modes: 1) as pollen drier, 2) as honey creaming machine, 3) as honey centrifuge.

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Cracow University of Technology

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