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Synthesis of bioactive compounds

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Summary of the technology

We offer developed methods for the synthesis of known active substances by reaction in the presence of ultrasound and other eco-friendly methods.

We also offer synthesis on request or a ready library of bioactive compounds with anti-cancer effect.

Cracow University of Technology

Description of the technology

Our team conducts research on the synthesis of bioactive compounds based on methods that allow you to obtain the expected products in high yield and high purity in a short time. Reactions are carried out in the presence of ultrasound or microwave radiation. These methods are in the field of green chemistry, because the reactions can be carried out solvent-free or in non-toxic solvents, e.g. in water.


Reduction of production costs

Shortening response time

Increasing work safety

Green chemistry technology

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent application number : PL 430989, PL 430988

Where : Poland

Current development status

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Cracow University of Technology

Technology Transfer Office

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