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HORECA: Platform for selection of employees for the service sector

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Summary of the technology

Platform with instruments for the recording of absentee behavior in employees of the hotel sector. It is an important tool for proper management of the PRL.

Description of the technology

Workers in the hospitality and catering sector are exposed to specific work conditions that contain physical and psychosocial risks. For INSHT (2008), the most important psychosocial risks are often caused by prolonged labor days, irregular and unusual days, difficulty in reconciling work and family life due to the time and duration of the daily work, excessive workload , under control of work, conflicting relationships with peers and colleagues, contact with clients and the lack of training and education.

For the construction of the HORECA scales, studies conducted specifically on the psychosocial and faceted/variable risks included in the most commonly used and legal-use surveys in Spain regarding the prevention of psychosocial risks were reviewed.

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