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The Technology Transfer and Innovation Center (CTTi) aims to contribute to the process of transfer on the Technology and Knowledge from the Rovira i Virgili University to the market and in benefit of the society.

The CTTi of URV Foundation is the Valorization Unit of the URV (UV-URV), thanks to the financial of ACCIÓ and MICINN. The UV-URV is based on an integrated unit, which includes the following areas: Technology Transfer, as its principal activity, Intellectual Property, support to entrepreneurs, inside the university community, and financial funding.

Research areas of interest (64)

  • Automation, Robotics Control Systems
  • Computer Software Technology
  • Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
  • Electronic Commerce, Electronic Payment
  • Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
  • and 59 more

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RheoDrop is a revolutionary AI-powered rheometer that utilizes microfluidics and image analysis to rapidly and cost-effectively measure key rheological parameters. Traditional rheometers rely on bulky, expensive mechanical components, resulting in slow and costly measurements. RheoDrop breaks this […]

A power converter is an electrical device capable of altering the characteristics of the voltage and current it receives. One of the main areas of expertise of the research Group of Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control (GAEI) of Universitat Rovira i Virgili is the intersection of the fiel[…]

This program, jointly developed by the Rovira i Virgili University, Barcelona University and IPHES helps you to quickly computerize your field data, to use a total station efficiently and easily, to export and edit your data, print labels and make sections and planimetries. ARCH·e10 is a software t[…]

The early and efficient detection of COVID-19 cases remains an unresolved issue. The detection of cases affected by COVID-19 is based on symptoms or contact tracing. But 60% of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic or have few and unspecific symptoms. It is therefore difficult to diagnose them as they do […]

The invention belongs to the field of water quality and safety monitoring. More specifically, it is related to systems and methods of detection of micro and nano plastics in surface waters. The present invention refers to a sampling device for micro and nanoparticles, especially plastics, presen[…]

The invention consists in the design and evaluation of a functional ingredient composed of several bioactive compounds for the treatment of obesity and other metabolic syndrome-related diseases. Functionality of this multi-ingredient has been tested in a cafeteria diet-induced obesity model. It ha[…]

Software that recognizes user-defined objects in aerial images for agriculture and derives quantitative estimators for plant count (N), green area index (GAI), growth stage (GS), deficient leaf area fraction (DLAF), and weeds area fraction (WAF), and potentially further measures. It employs a pre-tr[…]

The offered invention allows controlling the process of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) jet printing in which an ink is printed on a substrate as a continuous line or fiber, forming predesigned 2D patterns and 3D structures. This is also known as near-field electrospinning (NFES). The offered technology a[…]

A versatile 3D printing technology is offered in which electrostatic control is used to form a continuous electrohydrodynamic ink jet and to precisely position it on a substrate forming a predefined pattern made of solid fiber with fiber diameter typically in the few-micron or submicron ranges. […]

"Entre-Visto" is an application that allows to develop a structured interview for the confirmation and contrast of the information offered by the traditional tests used in the selection process.[…]

Platform with instruments for the recording of absentee behavior in employees of the hotel sector. It is an important tool for proper management of the PRL.[…]

The present technology belongs to the medical field: by means of potentiometric sensors it is possible to detect the presence of hydrogen peroxide in clinical samples. This fact allows the development of devices for measuring hydrogen peroxide, preferably in a single undiluted whole blood drop out o[…]

How many times have we seen crutches falling to the ground when a disabled person leaves them propped against a wall ? "Contact" are two pieces developed by researchers of the Rovira i Virgili University, that offer the stability and adequate inertia to avoid lateral fall when the crutches are prop[…]

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