Transparent, flexible, antimicrobial and conductive graphene textile substrates

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Summary of the technology

Processing graphene coating technology of textile fibres and fabrics, turning them highly electrically conductive keeping the textile properties. It is a simple method, with solution deposition at room temperature, in which the coating can also add antimicrobial properties.

UATEC - Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia
UATEC - Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia


Textile electronics offers the prospect of providing new functions to our clothes, such as wearable sensors for monitoring vital signs, sustainable energy systems or smart home interiors. The electrodes currently used do not have compatible features with textile fibers, being opaque, inflexible, fragile and not compatible with the manufacture of textiles. The present invention is intended to replace conventional electrodes facilitating the incorporation of electronic devices in textiles, by combining the conductivity of graphene to a common textile fiber.

The present graphene coating method can be used in common textile substrates, fibers or fabrics of polyethylene, polyamide, and nylon or others. The transfer process, in water and at room temperature, incorporates highly conductive and antimicrobial properties, with the mechanical and elastic properties of textile substrates unchanged, and without altering the color and transparency. The process allows the creation of conductive and antimicrobial textile substrates that can be integrated into traditional textile applications as well as in biomedical applications.

Potential applications for this technology include technical textiles and textile substrates with electronic devices, such as sensors for medical surveillance, camouflaged security devices, luminescent devices, thermoelectric devices, textile batteries, among other applications.









FLEXIBILITY: stable performance up to at least a tensile strength of 2%.

TRANSPARENCY: transmittance reduction of 2.3%.






European patent filed (WO2018007880 (A1)).


TRL 4: Laboratory tests in samples with centimeters of fibers, monofilament, multifilament, fabrics, and textiles.

Preliminary experiments as an electric sensor for some biomedical parameters and as a conductive element in an electric circuit. The process can be scaled up and compatible with existing textile technology. The process can also be applied to other substrates.


Electronic textiles


Functionalized textiles

Antibacterial textiles


Researchers from Aveiro Institute of Materials (CICECO), from Universidade de Aveiro, and from INESC-MN.


Licensing agreement.

Technology joint further development.

Testing of new applications.

Adaptation to specific needs.


Universidade de Aveiro seeks partners within the textile industry, internet of things (IoT) or energy, interested in licensing the technology and/or collaborate with the university to develop new technologies within this area.

Technology #CI15029

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for
WO2018007880 (A1)

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Technology Transfer Office

UACOOPERA University of Aveiro

Technology Transfer Office at uacoopera

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