Contact: a union device for crutches

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Summary of the technology

How many times have we seen crutches falling to the ground when a disabled person leaves them propped against a wall ?
"Contact" are two pieces developed by researchers of the Rovira i Virgili University, that offer the stability and adequate inertia to avoid lateral fall when the crutches are propped against by a vertical face.

Fundació URV
Fundació URV

Details of the Technology Offer

Both pieces are made up of two cylindrical stainless steel tubes, open at one end and adjustable with a threaded rod. The first piece incorporates a vertical projection and the second one includes a fitting of this projection including a rectangular magnetized piece with an approximate inclination of 20º with respect to the vertical axis.

The position and placement of each piece in the crutches is not arbitrary but it is not fixedeither. Both pieces should be placed approximately in the upper part of the core of the crutch and below its manual grip area. The union of these two parts together with the adjustable clamping of each crutch makes it to incline and avoid the overturning with the support of the wall.


  • The simplicityof pieces and concept make the union practically intuitive. This fact means that it does not need assembly or operation instructions.
  • Production cost is low.
  • Pieces can be incorporated in the original designof the crutches or can be installed "a posteriori" since they are adaptable.
  • Its weight is irrelevantand does not suppose an extra load.
  • Its small volumetry is not a trouble in the usual use.

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Other : The pieces are completely designed and a prototype has been manufactured for sample and tests - seeking its commercialisation.

Intellectual property status

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