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Water and Energy saving faucets

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Summary of the technology

In order to reduce the waiting time for hot water, we usually install hot water circulation loops that waste a lot of
energy. The waiting time for hot water is uncomfortable and makes you waste +/- 10 gal of water/day/house to the sink.
To overcome the problem and to avoid user's complaints, most plumbers adds a hot water recirculation loop
that keep the water in the hot water supply pipe hot. This type of hot water circulating loop provides nearly instant
hot water at the fixtures but wastes a tremendous amount of energy (pump consumption plus pipes heat
Measured energy wasted in the hot water recirculation loop in a 2-story, 3,200 sf. house:
- Continuous recirculation: 21 KWh/day corresponding to 875 W continuously, 1600 € /year.
- With timer and aquastat: over 10 KWh/day, corresponding to 410 W continuously, 800 €/year.
- Demand control (manual actuation, then wait 1 min.): 2 KWh/day, corresponding to 80W continuously, 160€/year
Up to 20% of the house energy consumption is wasted only to reduce the waiting time for hot water.
The Water & Energy saving faucet provide access to the hot water within seconds, as fast as if you had a hot water recycling loop installed, but it do not wastes a single drop of water and it do not wastes any energy at all.

Claude Waudoit
Claude Waudoit
Claude Waudoit

Description of the technology

The water saving faucet has the same look and the same functions than a traditional water mixer but it has an
additional drain orifice and an internal by-pass controlled by the lever position.
The lever of the water saving faucet controls the fast DHW mini recirculation loop to save time, water and energy:
- You push the lever down until it locks: the water contained in the hot water pipes, at the pressure of the water
network, is quickly directed to a low pressure expansion tank, via the drain orifice of the faucet and optionally one or
more thermostatic bypass.
- Within a few seconds the hot water reach the tap and a mini thermostatic element unlocks the lever that
automatically returns to neutral, indicating that the hot water is available at the faucet.
-The cold water that was originally present in the hot water pipes and that has been sent to the low pressure
expansion tank will automatically be redirected to the water heater inlet via a small automatic diaphragm pump
(pump often used in motor-homes).
The water saving faucet can also be used in several other circuitry configurations to reuse the cold water present in
the hot water pipes, mainly useful for renovations.
For the shower application, the thermostatic faucet controls a loopback circuitry via the shower head, so you can
enter under the shower head before opening the tap with no risk to receive a single drop of cold water, thus saving

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The most ecological solution for all Domestic Hot Water applications, public and private.


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For the shower application, the thermostatic water-saving mixer tap will control a loopback circuitry via the shower head, so you can enter under the shower head before opening the tap with no risk to receive a single drop of cold water, without any water and energy wasting for more comfort and a strict minimum water consumption.

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