Passive sensor system powered by wireless power transmission

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Summary of the technology

Network of wireless and passive sensors (without batteries), using a set of unique sensors which use a frequency for the data transfer (obtained by sensors) and another frequency for the reception of energy that is emitted by transmitters that power the sensors. For this, only a central data reception and wireless transmission structure is required which communicates with each of the sensors independently. These sensors have lower power consumption and higher data rates (up to 960 Mb/s).

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Wireless sensors, which transmit the collected information without the need of wiring, have gained increasing commercial importance. These sensors can be used in a wide range of situations, from environmental monitoring to farm and industrial control. However, most sensors still need to use batteries, which increases maintenance and environmental costs.

The presented sensors are an alternative since they do not require any type of battery and receive energy through a specific frequency emitted by an energy transmitter. These passive sensors gain even more relevance if sensor networks are formed, in which several nearby sensors detect and transmit environmental data.


Compared to traditional sensors:

LOWER COST: these sensors do not use any kind of batteries.

INCREASED CONVENIENCE: these sensors do not require battery charge or change as well as wiring.

Compared to other passive sensors:




This passive sensor system can be used in a wide range of applications, such as:

Collection of environmental data (e. g. farm fields, inside buildings)

Accesses control (e. g. parking lots, buildings)

Applications that require high transmission rates (e. g. audio or video sensors)


TRL 4: Field tests performed with prototypes.



Wireless power transmission

Passive sensors


Researchers from the Telecommunications Institute (IT) from the University of Aveiro.


License agreement.

Joint development.

Adaptation to specific needs.

Testing of new applications.



The University of Aveiro seeks partners with the area of sensor development and manufacturing.

Intellectual property status

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Technology Transfer Office

UACOOPERA University of Aveiro

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