Working lifting platform as a tool for agricultural tractors.

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Summary of the technology

Lifting platform as a tool attachable to three-point hitch for agricultural tractors constituted by an articulated mechanism that has a lifting platform with a cage to elevate people and to make agricultural work in height with safety.


New and innovative aspects

There isn´t any tool designed for the different task at height in the rural and

agricultural-livestock sector.

Main advantages of its use

  • Enabling vertical telescopic movement, longitudinal and transversal to make agricultural work in height with safety.
  • It can feed from the battery electric of the tractor, allowing the elimination of noise and saving of fuel.


Lifting platform as a tool, attachable to front or rear Three-point hitch for agricultural tractor, it´s not self-propelled, is feeds by tractor battery,

It has several systems and devices that provide security services like:

  1. Emergency switch that disconnects the entire electrical system from the battery of the tractor.
  2. Electrical inclinometer, located on the work platform oriented vertically.
  3. Electric level sensor, located at the base of the working platform with longitudinal orientation.


Users of the agricultural machinery industry for height tasks in the rural and Agricultural-livestock world such, like:

  • Grafting and budding fruit trees.
  • Fruit picking of fruit trees.
  • And any height work with safely.

Intellectual property status

Protected by invention patent P201630499

Current development status

The device is in the market validation phase.

Desired business relationship

Commercial agreement; License agreement; Technical cooperation: further development; Technical cooperation: testing new applications; Technical cooperation: adaptation to specific needs

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  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
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