Heat exchanger with energy storage alteration detectors.

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Summary of the technology

Heat exchange system with internal energy storage with sensors that detect performance alterations and take decisions about energy efficiency of the system, saving energy and economical loses.


New and innovative aspects

Heat exchangers include mechanisms to store energy from renewal sources when those sources but demand needs to be cover (for example, solar energy during the night). There is a material (PCM) responsible of energy storage by absorbing or giving thermal energy. The PCM goes through behaviour changes not detectable currently, increasing unnecessarily the energetic consumption.

The new system detects this changes and consequently, it permits taking decisions and/or and automatized energetic system to save energy.

Main advantages of its use

  • Energy storage with energy sensors to know the status and proper working of the heat exchanger.
  • Allows taking decisions about energy efficiency of storage systems.


Heat exchanger system automatized with energy storage systems, combinable with intermittent renewables or conventional low cost energies.

The exchanger consists of an internal cavity filled with a phase changing material (PCM) as the storage energy system. It is also has cold and hot ducts to absorb and give thermal energy.

In addition, it includes energy sensors for that PCM, and both hot and cold ducts, in the internal cavity, the inlet and the outlet.

Temperature measure permits and automatized energy management, for example, in an air conditioning installation that includes the heat exchanger, evaluating in real time the energy efficiency and the status of the exchanger.


Air conditioning installations including heat exchangers with energy storage systems (renewables and conventional).

Applicable in building construction.

Intellectual property status

Protected by patent P201730420.

Current development status

In use, test results available.

Desired business relationship

Commercial agreement; License agreement; Technical cooperation: further development; Technical cooperation: testing new applications; Technical cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Additional information (attached documents)

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