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Summary of the technology

A chimney flue closure device comprising a bracket configured to be attached to the chimney wall.


Details of the Technology Offer

New and innovative aspects

Automation and Remote Control: Thanks to the integrated sensors, implementing automation functionality and remote control of the device could be a significant innovation in industrial environments. This would allow efficient adjustments and monitoring of the flue closure, optimizing the process without requiring physical intervention.

Advanced Materials and Special Coatings: The use of advanced materials and special coatings for the blades can improve corrosion resistance, durability and the ability to withstand high temperatures.

Main advantages of its use

Energy Management: This system would allow a more effective coordination of resources and an overall optimization of energy consumption as opposed to current natural draft systems.

Scalability and Adaptability: The device is scalable and adaptable to different sizes of industrial chimneys. This allows its implementation in a variety of industrial contexts, from production plants to processing facilities.

Large Scale Efficiency: An effective shut-off of the passage of a fluid, in this case combustion smoke, is achieved with a very low pressure drop.


The chimney closure device has innovative technical features designed to optimize its operation. With deployable blade assemblies controlled by drive shafts, it achieves a synchronized and efficient closure of the chimney draft. The choice of advanced materials, such as Teflon or polyester, in some blades ensures corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, even in high temperature environments. In addition, the implementation of a planetary gear system in the motion transmission allows smooth and controlled deployment, minimizing load losses. Optionally, the inclusion of automation and remote control functions provides flexibility and ease of adjustment in industrial environments. These combined features position the device as a robust and versatile technical solution for efficient chimney closure in various contexts.


This patent allows the closure of the chimney flue in all types of environments, including large industrial facilities, its implementation allows to efficiently control the flow of smoke and combustion gases, improving energy efficiency, extending the life of the facilities and equipment (both firetube and watertube boilers) and reducing unwanted emissions to the environment.

Intellectual property status

Protected by patent P202331051

Current development status

Device developed

Desired business relationship

Commercial Agreement, License Agreement, Technical Cooperation: further development; Technical Cooperation: testing new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Intellectual property status

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