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Summary of the technology

It is an application for mobile devices that allows health workers to evaluate home care.


Details of the Technology Offer

New and innovative aspects

It is an application for mobile devices that improves the quality of assessments, the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare staff and modernises the information collection system in home care.

Main advantages of its use

  • Practical and easy to use: forget about paper, all the assessment tests in a single application and for any mobile device.
  • Facilitates the work of health professionals in their home visits.
  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare staff: the test result is available instantly. Allows the patient's history to be reviewed prior to the visit.
  • It modernises the system for collecting information from healthcare workers in home care.
  • Improves patient assessment: allows you to create notes on the visit and compare with previous results.


The application brings together all the tests of the different patients in one place, saving time and money and making home care more efficient. This application improves the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare staff as it allows them to obtain the results of the different tests carried out at the same time, as well as to review the patient's history before the visit. UBUnurse also improves patient assessment by allowing the creation of notes on the visit and comparison with previous results.


Possible applications are in the home nursing environment and in socio-health centres.

Intellectual property status

Protected by Intellectual property registration BU-102-17

Current development status

Device developed and validated for industrialisation. This application has an official website. There is also a YouTube account where there are explanatory videos (how to install the app and how to register in the app).

Desired business relationship

Commercial Agreement, License Agreement, Technical Cooperation: further development; Technical Cooperation: testing new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Intellectual property status

  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :BU-102-17

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The aim of the The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Univesidad de Burgos is to promote Innovation technology through the reseach results transfer and the conexions between the University and the new needs and requirements of the society - we are the link between the University and the Industry. Contact person: José Manuel López (jmllopez@ubu.es)


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