Sintering technique for both high density and high precision of steel-based sinters

Summary of the technology

The invention relates to the special additions that may be introduced to virtually any powder mixture based on steel aimed for sintering process. Specifically, the additions result in increased density (mainly of 0.5-0.7 g/cm3) of a final sinter accompanied with both high dimensional precision and increased corrosion resistance. Also, the invention decreases the sintering time down to 30 minutes. Application of this technology do not require modification of machine park and may easily utilized by anyone already sintering steel components.

Details of the Technology Offer

During the mixing stage of the preparation of the blend two separate additions are introduced to the powder mix. Then the compacts are manufactured by cold isostatic pressing. Under the heating stage the one of the additions form the liquid phase which intensifies the diffusion rate so that the sintering time is shortened down to 30 minutes. In the meantime, the second addition prevents the grains from relative move therefore no re-organization of the grains occurs so the dimensional precision is kept at level comparable with the precision of the green compact. When the proper temperature is reached two of mentioned compounds react so the impact of solidified eutectic phase diminishes. As a result, the following properties are enhanced: mechanical strength, corrosive resistance, dimensional precision, yield of the process and sinter density. Also due to acting of the liquid phase the sintering time is shortened and isothermal temperature reduced.

Added compounds due to their nature are easily available and of low price what combined with their impact makes the economy of the process severely increased.

Intellectual property status

  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :PCT/PL2017/000049

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