The new lupeol derivative and the method of obtaining.

Summary of the technology

This invention relates to a biologically active compound, the derivative of natural triterpene lupeol. This derivative is active for human skin cells, improving their proliferation process. In addition, the substance has the ability to neutralize free radicals. The described derivative can be used as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations dedicated for damaged or burned skin, as well as in anti-aging cosmetics.

Details of the Technology Offer

This invention relates to a novel biologically active compound obtained by modifying the structure of lupeol, the natural triterpene alcohol present in the birch bark. The in vitro test results of human skin cells show that the resulting substance is characterized by the ability to initiate skin cell regeneration processes. This derivative is active in relation to fibroblasts as well as keratinocytes, affecting the significant acceleration of skin damage, by the induction of cells proliferation. In addition, the resulting compound has the ability to neutralize free radicals, which are the main cause of the skin aging processes. Importantly, this substance has no irritant potential in relation to skin cells. The lupeol derivative is obtained as a result of one-stage synthesis, conducted in an ecological manner and does not require the use of specialist laboratory equipment. The described derivative may find use as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations intended for a wide group of consumers for the care, regeneration and improvement of the skin condition.

Industry is interested in an innovative products containing patented active ingredients aimed at effective regeneration of damaged skin while protecting against harmful environmental factors. Due to the possibility of using the product as a skin regenerating agent with simultaneous anti-aging action, the solution is directed to a cosmetic producers for body and face care as well as for pharmaceutical companies offering remedies for the treatment of skin burns.

The mechanism of action of the new molecule is different from the ingredients of formulations available on the market, which also influences the effectiveness of the patented ingredient. Manufacturing technology does not require additional financial inputs, not including resources for the purchase of raw materials.

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Patent application number : PCT/PL2017/000070

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