Medical Device for urethra surgeries or of the rest of penile structures

Summary of the technology

The present disclosure relates to a penile surgical separator-fixator, whose obvious purpose is to maintain the penis properly supported and held during surgeries of the urethra or of the rest of penile structures.

Details of the Technology Offer

In any surgery of penile urethra, it is required for the surgeon to keep the penis resting on its dorsal side most of the surgical time, and hold it immobile enough to be able to work in a comfortable way. This arrangement was classically achieved by traversing the glans with a stitch and holding both ends of the thread with a surgical instrument, said thread being pulled by the corresponding assistant.

With such fastening, besides disabling one hand of the professional, a constant pulling force is not maintained, as it depends on the skill and fatigue of the assistant.

Sometimes the instrument for fixing the thread is also fixed to the surgical field, such as sterile clothing or paper that delimit and isolate the surgical field, although this system also does not maintain the desired pulling force.

Although suitable penile holding devices are not known, a metallic annular device has recently emerged consisting of a readjustment of the same system used for other surgical areas (ano-rectal ....) although since the device is circumferential and a part thereof is in the ventral area of the penis, it interferes in that area with the surgeon's own hands, affecting comfort.
Congenital malformations of the urethra requiring surgery in children are common.

With respect to surgery in children, surgical correction of malformations is usually performed early, and often in the first year of life in children, so that the size complicates surgery even more and makes it more necessary that the tissue to be treated is held immobile and with suitable tension.

The device disclosed herein solves the above described problem in a fully satisfactory manner, based on a simple but highly efficient structure, providing a device or means that does not disturb the surgeon during the surgical intervention and allows the intervention to be performed comfortably.

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