Topical composition for the treatment of mucosal lesions

Summary of the technology

New developed hydrogel dressing shield, biocompatible, biodegradable and bioactive, with an appropriate viscosity and adhesion capacity, easy to apply with the endoscope, to treat mucosal lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.


Colonoscopic procedures have become an standard practice worldwide since colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease are becoming prevalent disorders. These techniques have true advantages over surgery but can induce adverse events as bleeding, perforation and coagulation syndrome. Several approaches for avoiding the post-operative complications have been described.


Our results up to day

The proposed product is a hydrogel with bioactive, biodegradable, and bioadhesive properties that can be administered through the endoscope working channel, directly on the mucosal lesions. This composition can easily and rapidly be applied without requiring any special or complex devices. Due to its viscosity and adhesion properties at body temperature, has the ability to remain adhered to the affected area for a long period of time, facilitating the physiological healing of the lesion promoting the mucosal reepetelization instead. This hydrogel has been tested in preclinical studies of rat and porcine models of colon microperforation, showing strong healing properties and avoiding mortality and reducing the risk of peritonitis development. Mucosal healing rate (percentage of mucosal restoration) and  physiological healing (absence of submucosal fibrosis) were significantly higher in animals treated with our hydrogel.


•This technique is easy to apply and cost/effective

•The use of this composition would minimize the morbidity and mortality associated with therapeutic endoscopy

•This composition promotes mucosal reepitelization instead of cicatrization

Intellectual property status

PCT Patent Application

Product Profile



Clinical Indication

To treat/prevent mucosal lesions or skin ulcers


Thermal injury associated/caused by therapeutic endoscopy (Coagulation syndrome)


Adjuvant therapy to mechanical treatments in gastrointestinal perforations.


Sealant treatment in surgical anastomoses and leaks or fistulas in gastrointestinal tract.


Composition is biocompatible and biodegradable.

Physical Characteristics

Composition shows suitable viscosity and adhesion properties. At body temperature, it has the consistency of a gel, and has the ability to remain adhered to the affected area.

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Topical Composition for the treatment of mucosal lesions

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