Biosignatures for ulcerative colitis

Summary of the technology

Currently, the glucocorticoids are the first-line of treatment for of moderate-to-severe flare-ups. However, up to 40% of patients do not have an adequate response. Mechanisms of steroid-refractoriness in UC remains unknown. In addition, corticosteroid failure impair the effectiveness of rescue therapies.

Details of the Technology Offer

Prolonged andunnecessary exposure tocorticosteroid, andthe lack of control ofthe inflammatory process increases morbidity.

There areclinical andanalytical variablesthat applied tothe third day oftreatment canpredict apoor response tocorticosteroids.

There are nopredictors of responsethat can beapplied before the beginning ofcorticoids.Toresolve the inadequate corticoids treatments  andadminstrated efective  medical regime to treat IBD patients that no response to corticosteroids medication, IGTP group propose:

Biosignature to manage the non-responder corticosteroids patients with   personalizedapproach.

The combinationbiosignature provides an 100% accuracy and 90% general capability predictive potential, in combination with clinical plasma/urinaryroutinary analysis thetechnologyprovides a newresolutive method to discern responder patients from non-responderpatients,previous to the beginning of thetreatment,avoiding undesirable effects of corticosteroid treatments in non-responder patients.

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