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Manual Handler of Concrete Sleepers

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Summary of the technology

The machine was designed to disengage steel bars from prefabricated concrete sleepers manually, which allows to increase production, safety at work and to improve the technical properties of the final product.
The stretcher has two benches that allow movement in two directions, longitudinal and trasnverse. The process is done in such a way that the four active screws are de-stressed at the same time, avoiding damages.

University of Huelva

Description of the technology

The proposed machine can be managed by only two operators without physical effort, by simply using a system of buttons located in a position that does not endanger the physical integrity of operators.
The de-tensioning of the active screws is carried out in such a way that when the threaded screws is first removed from the concrete, friction and damage are avoided to the crosspiece. The system is designed to allow the four active screws to be simultaneously de-stressed, which avoids differences in stresses, thus preventing breakage of any parts.
The machine works at a speed according to the existing work line without changing its speed during the whole process.

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