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Autonomous device and system for vehicle detection and crosswalk signaling oriented to form a visual warning barrier especially applicable to the field of road safety. The system has several innovative features: 1) low cost, which makes possible real deployment on roads; 2) small size, which entails a minimal impact for both users and environment; 3) placed over the track, which does not require public works; 4) autonomous, so it does not require electrical wiring; 5) smart, so it interacts with pedestrians and vehicles.

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The present invention is embodied in the field of road safety related to transport, telecommunications and other infrastructures with the aim of reducing accidents on public roads. The classification according to UNESCO nomenclature includes the codes 3307 (Electronic Technology), 3327 (Technology of Transport Systems) and 3329 (Urban Planning).
Our technology rests on an innovative system based on smart and low-cost sensor devices that detects pedestrians and visually alert to drivers. Its essential technology is electronics and communications. The system consists of several autonomous devices arranged on the road, each autonomous device comprising a microcontroller unit, a detection unit having various proximity sensors for detecting pedestrians and vehicles, a light signaling unit facing the vehicles that approach the crosswalk, a wireless communications module, a power supply and a storage unit. The control unit is configured to activate the light signaling unit and to wirelessly communicate detections to others autonomous devices when a pedestrian is detected by an autonomous device.
This invention is aimed to innovate with respect to existing systems by using new technologies that allow to overcome deficiencies and limitations of the current proposals (i.e., high cost units that require works for their installation on the road and that are energy dependent on power lines). Thus, it is intended to achieve a significant and immediate social benefit, which real impact has been measured both quantitatively and qualitatively by monitoring and analysis of users.


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  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :P201600768

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  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Electronics, Microelectronics
  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Safety
  • Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
  • Computer related

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