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Summary of the technology

The converter has an input for connecting a monopolar DC source and a bipolar DC output, with the same voltage but with opposite polarities. It is useful for the connection of a distributed generation system to a bipolar DC grid. For these applications, the proposed topology is a solution with sufficient guarantees of reliability, quality and performance.
The converter circuit is very simple, it includes three inductors, four capacitors, two diodes and a power switch as a switching device.

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Description of the technology

This invention relates to a DC-DC converter capable of generating bipolar voltage with a suitable novel topology for distributed generation connection to a DC bipolar grid. The proposed topology uses only a power switch, unlike other DC-DC converters which employ two or four switches. Thus the complexity of the converter is reduced.
The DC-DC converter with bipolar output has an input for connection to a monopolar DC source and a bipolar output voltage with a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The DC-DC converter includes a power switch (e.g. IGBT transistor, a MOSFET transistor), three, inductors, four capacitors, and two diodes. A snubber circuit can be added for clamping voltage overshoot on the switch.
The DC-DC converter can be applied to bipolar DC grids because it allows the connection of a monopolar DC source to such networks. The present invention is especially applicable in the industrial sector and renewable energies. In the first because this network type is an alternative to classic electric system, currently, of interest special in the industry. In this sector, the proposed converter can control the voltage level and possible unbalances of the DC voltage network. On the other hand, in the renewable energy sector, the proposed scheme enables the connection of generation and storage systems to a bipolar DC network in a way reliably. The proposed topology is a solution for these applications with sufficient guarantees of reliability, quality and performance.


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