Construction procedure of vertical wells with interior cladding

Summary of the technology

The invention is about a method of constructing vertical large wells, which are excavated by bivalve spoons, and are composed with an inner cladding based on cylindrical rings of reinforced concrete.
The invention is especially intended for the excavation of wells in soils with clayey or silty layers, which do not easily disintegrate and therefore make it difficult to lower the cylindrical rings which will form the inner coating or cladding.

University of Huelva

Details of the Technology Offer

This execution system constitutes a significant improvement of the different existing procedures for large diameter vertical wells, which have the disadvantage of finding layers of clay or silts that do not allow that the reinforced concrete pipes needed in the construction of the water well can go down. This usually implies: (a) not being able to reach the adequate depth of the well for the extraction of the necessary water flow; And (b) problems in the construction of the well due to incorrect displacements of reinforced concrete pipes, which tends to lead to higher execution costs and even the no-execution. With the proposed procedure, the mentioned drawbacks are solved.


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  • Patent already applied for
  • Patent application number :P201600167

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