Variable flow pump for longitudinal displacement

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Summary of the technology

A Portuguese University has developed an invention consisting of a new concept of flow variation in a vane pump that allows to bypass the concepts now patented and used.
This invention therefore relates to a variable displacement vane pump and the variations in the fluid’s flow rate conveyed by the pump for a given rotation is achieved by changing a longitudinal length of the chambers, and not by changing the eccentricity between the ring and the rotor. This is the main difference between this and the variable flow vane pumps currently available.
The university is looking for companies that develop and produce oil pumps to license this technology.

New and innovative aspects

The basic elements that this machine incorporates and that are critical to its functionality are a new way to vary the volume of the chambers that transport the fluid from the suction to the ejections points of the pump. This variation is achieved by the longitudinal movement of the vanes relative to the pump rotor, the latter having a fixed eccentricity relatively to the ring where the vanes slide. Thus the critical point in this concept is the geometry of the rotor and of the movable ring that allow the longitudinal sliding of the vanes, as well as the arrangement of these elements which enable the variation of the volumes of the chambers and then the conveyed liquid flow.


The variable displacement pumps currently available are protected by intellectual property rights that limit their use. Since there has been a generalization of the application of such pumps to the automotive industry because this technology allows to adapt the pumped flow to the actual engine lubrication needed in the conditions of use of the engine, it was intended with this invention to provide an alternative to existing solutions. This variable displacement vane pump the displacement variation - and so the flow conveyed by the pump - is achieved by changing the longitudinal length of the chambers and not by changing the eccentricity between the ring and the rotor.

The pump body has a cavity where a movable ring slides in the longitudinal direction on the rotor that rotates about an axis and which has:

- Support vanes which extend radially on the inner surface of the fixed ring with fixed eccentricity in relation to the rotor rotation axis;

- Movement in the longitudinal direction of the movable ring according to a pilot pressure ranging from a position corresponding to the maximum and minimum volumes within the pump.

- Elastic spring to return to the starting position.

Intellectual property status

Patnet pending.

Current development status

3D prototype available. 

The missing steps to obtain a product which can be applied industrially are computer simulation (structural, flow and dynamics) and the realization of an industrial prototype to perform endurance tests under actual operating conditions. The estimated time to complete these steps is about 3 months.

Desired business relationship

The university aims to license this technology to companies with development or production and marketing capacity of flow pumps for the development of business solutions based on the technology. The university is also available to participate on its development.

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About uacoopera

The University of Aveiro is a young and innovative university, which fosters entrepreneurship and technology and knowledge transfer, with expertise in a wide range of knowledge areas namely IT, Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Health, Environmental Sciences), Nanotechnology and Materials Science, Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics, Building, Design and Management. uacoopera is the Technology Transfer Office of University of Aveiro. This office engages in value adding activities such as start-up and spin-off creation, support to university-industry cooperation (sponsored research and consultancy services), IP protection and prosecution, licensing, marketing, among others. It covers four main interrelated functional areas – Intellectual Property Management, Licensing, Entrepreneurship, and Industry Liaison.


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