Thermoelectric Generators. A New Disruptive Technology

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Summary of the technology

Power generation occurs as a result of the temperature differential between the base and the top of the generator, without incorporating moving parts and therefore without breakdowns or maintenance.

New and innovative aspects

  1. J. T. Seebeck, in 1821, discovered that a compass needle would be deflected by a closed loop formed by two different metals joined in two places, with a temperature difference between the junctions.
  2. This was because the metals responded to the temperature difference in different ways, creating a current loop and a magnetic field.
  3. Seebeck did not recognize there was an electric current involved, so he called the phenomenon the thermomagnetic effect.
  4. Danish physicist Hans Christian Ørsted rectified the mistake and coined the term "thermoelectricity".
  5. The Seebeck effect is the conversion of temperature differences directly into electricity.
  6. A thermoelectric couple is a device consisting of two dissimilar semiconductors that contact each other at one or more points.
  7. Voltage is produced when the temperature of one of the contact points differs from the temperature of another, causing the electrons to move away from the hot end toward the cold end. When the electrons go from the hot side to the cold side this causes an electrical current.
  8. Multiple thermoelectric couples can be connected in series in order to compose a thermopile, also known as Thermoelectric module, or Thermoelectric generator (TEG).

Main advantages of its use

Powerspot products are low-power portable electric generators fed by any type of combustible fuel (biomass, wood, gas, etc.). Free from any type of maintenance or break-down, they have no moving parts. To start generating electricity only a small source of heat and a refrigeration method (water or air) are necessary.

They are designed for charging and illumination in hostile environments, populated areas or isolated settlements. They provide the perfect solution for Outdoors and developing countries.



Weight: 850 gr (1050 gr with all peripherals) Dimensions: Height: 149,45 mm Ø: 100mm

Maximum power release: 20 W Maximum Voltage: 10 V Maximum Amperage: 1.9 A Autonomy: 50.000 h of continuous use Operation temperature: 150 oC - 400 oC Components 􀅔􀀁 Base: Aluminium 6061 􀅔􀀁 Isolation Joints: Viton 100% 􀅔􀀁 Thermoelectric plates: 2 - Size: 35 x 35 x 4,3 mm - Voltage of the open circuit: 8.3 V - Load resistance: 2.1 ohms - Output voltage of load pairing: 4.15 V - Output current of load pairing: 1.9 amps - Output voltage of adapted load: 7.9 W - Heat airflow through the module: 152 W - Heat flow: 12,48 W/cm2 - Composition: Bismuth telluride, ceramic and graphite. RoHS free. - Screws: Blued steel A4. - Handle: Steal covered with silicone-coated fiberglass


Up to 20 light bulb illumination

Charges mobiles, tablets and smartphones

Recharges batteries

A feed for USB and 12 V devices

Light Bulbs and LED Lamps

Power Bank. Portable battery optimised to work with the Lanyard and Explorer generators. For charging electronic devices, laptops and to jump-start motor vehicles.

Intellectual property status

Patent, RoHS & CE Mark

Current development status

Ready to market

Desired business relationship

Distributos all over the world

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Small and Medium Enterprise from Spain

Pioneer in the manufacture of user-end portable thermoelectrical generation devices. Powerspot is the first 100% Spanish enterprise specialising in the development of miniaturised power generation solutions, designed for uses where the electrical network is inexistent or inaccessible, anytime, anywhere, using any fuel and that are maintenance and repair free.

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