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Data Intensive Computing Lab at Cracow University of Technology

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Summary of the technology

Our Mission:
• To conduct international quality research on exploring, development and study of data intensive scalable, reliable and intelligent complex systems and models, future generation technologies in artificial intelligence and bilogically inspired data intensive computing, large-scale, parallel and distributed computing, Big Data related areas, cognitive sciences and allied disciplines.
• To support comprehensive evaluation, grassroots incubation, and seamless adoption of computational Intelligence technologies for educational, commercial, and research purposes.
• To collect together the expertise and resources needed to help students experience the excitement of research.
• To promote group visibility and dissemination of the research results of the group members and students in the relevant international forums.

Description of the technology

We look for co-opertaion in research topics:

  • Models of Data Intensive (DI) enabling infrastructures and middleware
  • Parallel programming models for DIproblems
  • DI management and processing models in large scale distributed systems
  • Algorithms and applications for Big Data and DI Computing
  • Network architectures to support DIanalytics
  • Network and resource provisioning approaches
  • Big Data and DI visualization techniques
  • Big Data storage and management in the cloud, many-cloud and fog systems
  • Security and trust in DImanagement
  • Energy-awareness in Big Data management
  • HPC- and DI-enabled modelling for Life Sciences
  • HPC- and DI-enabled modelling for Socio-economical and Physical models

Related keywords

  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Information Processing, Information System, Workflow Management
  • Computer related
  • Computer Software Market
  • Artificial intelligence related software
  • Database and file management
  • Systems software
  • Big data management
  • Data processing, analysis and input services
  • Data-intensive Computing
  • big data storage
  • high-speed network architectures

About Cracow University of Technology

Technology Transfer Office from Poland

Cracow University of Technology:
- educates highly qualified engineers who can cope with national and global industry challenges,
- educates academic staff by supporting the development of their scientific passion and their participation in national and international scientific exchange,
- serves the economy and the whole society by solving technical and technological problems and by implementing scientific studies into economic practice.

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