Chitosan-based wound dressing for diabetic foot ulcer treatment and burn wounds

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Summary of the technology

Chitosan-based wound dressing that stimulates the closure, neovascularization and permanent regeneration of dermis in diabetic feet’s ulcers. It reduces the risk of amputation in patients.This innovation can also be used to prevent or treat wound and burn infections, not only due to its intrinsic antimicrobial properties, but also due to its ability to deliver extrinsic antimicrobial agents to wounds and burns. Additionally, it can be used as a slow-release drug-delivery vehicle for growth factors to stimulate and improve wound healing.

This technology offers a complete regeneration of the ulcer using a single copy of the material without the need for invasive treatment, ensuring no backsliding in the development of ulcers. The purification process triggered by the chitosan and the ensuing chemical modifications in the membranes reduce possible allergic reactions and maximize the benefits, such as its antibacterial effects.


New and innovative aspects

  • This technology offers a complete regeneration of the ulcer using a single copy of the material without resorting to invasive treatment, ensuring no relapse in the development of ulcers.

Main advantages of its use

  • Tight and secure adherence
  • Moisture permeability and infection control
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Antibacterial and wound-healing effects
  • Shelf-life stability
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Patient comfort


The chitosan-derived wound dressing creates the ideal conditions to regenerate body injuries. Its production requires basic, non-specialized equipment, thus eliminating the need for costly infrastructure. As a result, production costs remain low and an affordable price point can be set for the end user. Besides the chitosan structure is biocompatible, which makes cells securely adhere to the affected area to regenerate tissue.


  • Regeneration of dermis in ulcers
  • Diabetic foot treatment
  • Burn wounds treatment

Intellectual property status

Patent application filed (2009).

Current development status

Laboratory protype

Desired business relationship

Technology selling, Patent licensing, Joint ventures, New technology applications, Adaptation of technology to other markets, Techical cooperation.

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